Hello there METALHEADS!

And welcome to the 'Download Free Metal Albums' blog.


This blog is dedicated to Metal or Metal related music that was recorded in anytime. You will find bands from all over the world and as much as possible of Metal styles that was done during that era. You may find the more known bands and their releases, but also plenty of unknown and rare material.


The main goal of this blog is to spread the Metal music all over the world.
You can download any metal albums from here, we share all metal albums for educational purpose only.

This is meant to for the more experienced Metalheads who seeks for more material of a band or information, but also share knowledge within the blog. Not only the more seasoned Metalheads is welcome on the blog, but also the one who is starting the journey of getting the most wonderful music on Earth!

If you want to know more about us then put your comment here, any of our admin will reply to you.


  1. I want to contribute to your blog (to give you full metal album to upload it on this site) so
    can i and where can i contact you to send you some fuckin' metal album in MP3? ...if i can help you ?

    1. Thank you, brother! Send me your social or email to our email, I will contact with you. :)

    2. Our email: downloadfreemetalalbums@gmail.com


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