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Greetings Metalheads!!

Well, you can place your requests here on this page. And we will try to find what you are looking for. I emphasis the word 'try' because we are not always successful, however we do our best.

There are just two terms and condition you have to consider before you request something:

  1. Make sure that what you are requesting is not already on the blog. On the blog you can navigate well enough to see that what you are looking for is not posted. 
  2. Please use a nickname when you place a request, in this way we can address to you that we can or cannot fulfill your request. 

Please place your requests here (in the comment box) and we will see what we can do for you!

OR, You can send your request to our email:


  1. Hi!

    Can you guys find the discography of Ilsa? And if you fin it the new album Corpse Fortress.


    1. Extremely sorry for late, by the way, Ilsa's discography is there, go to this link: :)
      Have a look at our another blog:


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